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Eater DC

The 38 Essential D.C. Restaurants

By Missy Frederick ~ April 5th, 2016

It’s time to update the Eater 38, your answer and ours to any question that begins, “Can you recommend a restaurant?” This highly elite group covers the entire city and surrounding areas, spans myriad cuisines and budgets, and collectively satisfies all of your restaurant needs, except for those occasions when you absolutely must spend half a paycheck. More

Eater DC

Sherry Blossom Festival @ Estadio March 20- April 17, 2016

By Alison Baitz ~ March 21st, 2016

There’s the tried-and-true way to celebrate D.C.’s most spirited celebration of blooming florals, the Cherry Blossom Festival — walking around an overcrowded National Mall, fighting with tourists and selfie sticks for a decent view. More

Food & Wine

Food & Wine: Best Date Restaurants in DC

By Katie Chang ~ February 17th, 2016

Where do the currently unattached leaders of the free world go when they need to impress a date?

Eater DC

End the Night with Morcilla Hash at Estadio

By Missy Frederick ~ February 17th, 2016

Estadio’s Breakfast Week special is a salute to Spanish sausage. More


Here Are The 100 Very Best Restaurants

By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, Todd Kliman and Cynthia Hacinli  ~ February 8, 2016



Meet the Rising Chefs at Washington’s Best Restaurants

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel and Cynthia Hacinli  ~ January 28, 2016

Behind every Fabio and every José is a deputy who toils in the kitchen day after day. This bunch may not be famous—yet—but someday these rising talents might land on our best-restaurants list with a place of their own. More


Hot New Soups for Cold Weather Days

By Octavia Silva ~ Novenber 23rd, 2015

Winter is coming, but, luckily, soups for the season are here. A robustly flavored soup can come to the aid of diners who are cold, hungry or short on time. More


14 Restaurants Where Dishes Come with a Free Side of Drama

By Lani Furbank ~ October 2nd, 2015

While themed establishments like Rainforest Café and Medieval Times boast three-ring-circus-worthy entertainment during dinner, there are other ways to spice up a classy meal without a full-fledged theatrical production. Plenty of DC restaurants offer creative menu items with interactive preparations and flashy presentations. More


Porron Service Takes Off

By Emma Janzen ~ August 17th, 2015

Until recently, the unusual-looking drinking vessel known as a porron had been been used mainly in its native country of Spain. Max Kuller, wine director at Estadio in Washington, DC says the ritual was initially born out of necessity, because it was “it was more economical for people in poor Catalan communities to all share a large beverage/wine out of one vessel than for everyone to have a glass of their own.” More


50 Things You Need to Eat in D.C. Before You Die

By Laura Hayes ~ August 12th, 2015

Morbidity is no one’s favorite topic, so let’s just call this exercise what it is: the ultimate DC bucket list of must-try foods. They’re delicious, iconic, and most of all, memorable. So make sure you try them before you punch out of life, or more realistically, until you get tired of being stuck at a GS-8 pay grade and make the bold decision to move to San Francisco. More

Wa Po

Meat. On a stick. Where to find it around D.C.

By Katie Bo Williams ~ May 20th, 2015

Almost every culture has its own version, from the traditional shish kebab to the heartland’s corn dog. Here’s where to find global varieties in D.C. More

Wa Po

Gamay, the grape sommeliers love, is front and center in May

By Dave McIntyre ~ May 16th, 2015

If you’ve tried wine samples in a local store this month or ordered a glass of red wine in a restaurant, you might have tasted an unfamiliar grape variety: gamay. More

Wa Po

D.C’s Best Dishes of 2015

Editorial ~ March 12th, 2015

Seeking reader nominations for Washington’s essential dishes is a kind of editorial foraging that always uncovers an eyebrow-raising morsel or two. (Gas station tacos, anyone?) More often, taken as a whole, it provides a fascinating snapshot of how Washingtonians dine now. More

Wa Po

Where to Eat Brunch, According to 10 D.C. Area Chefs

By Laura Hayes ~ March 2nd, 2015

Want to eat brunch like an expert? We thought so. That’s why we asked 10 DC-area chefs to dish on where they throw down food come Saturday and Sunday morning. The big takeaway? Chefs love dim sum. But if that’s not your thing, there are plenty more chef-approved morning-eats to be had. More

Travel + Leisure

DC’s Innovative Restaurant Scene

By Francine Maroukian ~ March 1, 2015

Innovative chefs and bartenders—along with a wave of new residents—are shaking up Washington, D.C.’s restaurant scene, proving there’s more to the Beltway than boring steak houses and stuffed shirts. More | PDF Version

Nightclub and Bar

Summer in a Glass

By Kelly A. Magyarics ~ July 1, 2011

Sangria screams summer. The easy, breezy concoction of wine, spirit and an ample dose of fruit pleases operators and guests alike. Busy bartenders appreciate that it can be batched in advance, simply splashed over ice and adorned with fresh berries, citrus or herbs. Wine and cocktail lovers are drawn to the beverage’s drinkability and eye-catching presentation. More

DC Magazine

Overnight Sensations! Top Liquid Trends of 2011

By Kelly A. Magyarics ~ Jan/Feb 2011

Bitter Pills – Thee recent availability of quinquina—liqueurs with quinine at their root—provide bartenders a foil for sweet and sour. Adam Bernbach of Proof and Estadio, considers Cocchi Barolo Chinato to be his muse, especially in cocktails like Sketchy Dude, which mixes it with single malt scotch, Lillet and Peychaud’s bitters in a Cointreau-rinsed glass.

The Washington Post

First Bite, Preview of Estadio

By Tom Sietsema ~ July 27, 2010

Before a two-week tour of the country this past March, Haidar Karoum, the executive chef at the wine-themed Proof in Penn Quarter, had never set foot in Spain. But you would never know that by eating at his second job, Estadio, the dashing new Logan Circle hot spot devoted to bocadillos and pintxos. More

Food and Wine

Adult Slushies at DC’s new Estadio

By Kate Krader ~ July 22, 2010

F&W’s outstanding Washington, DC, correspondent, Amanda McClements, is way ahead of me when it comes to an ingenious plan to stay hydrated during this hideous heat wave. Here’s her early look at DC’s brand new Estadio, featuring a menu of very cool (no pun intended) “slushitos.” More

Tasting Table

Spanish Class, Estadio is a triple threat of flavors

August 11, 2010

Taking in all the talent at 14th Street’s new Estadio could give a diner whiplash. The cozy tapas spot–from the talented team behind Penn Quarter’s Proof–conquers the ultimate restaurant triple threat with food, wine and cocktail programs that are each destination-worthy, but together create an unrivaled behemoth. The tiled, wrought-iron space looks more like Catalonia than Logan, and its talents each keep with the theme. More

The Hill

Big things come in little packages

By Elena Schor ~ September 23, 2010

Tapas come in many shapes, sizes and ethnic variations — but what makes them authentic? Food lovers both professional and amateur are still asking that question, nearly eight centuries after Spanish King Alfonso X is said to have invented the small plates by asking for a piece of ham to tapear (cover) his next glass of sherry. More

Express Night Out

And The Crowd Goes Wild Estadio in Logan Circle

By Stephanie Kanowitz ~ July 22, 2010

Think of a Spanish stadium and bullfighting comes to mind. But owner Mark Kuller hopes it triggers another thought: dinner. Almost three years to the day that he opened Proof, Kuller opened the doors to his new eatery, Estadio, on July 13. Kuller crossed the Atlantic to more closely study Spain’s fare, and decided to focus Estadio’s dishes on those found in Spain’s Basque and Catalan regions in the north — though there will be options well-known in Sevilla and other points south. More

The Washington Post

How two Americans set out to bring Spain’s best to a new restaurant in NW

By Jane Black ~ June 30, 2010

They were lost. There was no sign of the restaurant. The GPS kept insisting that Mark Kuller and Haidar Karoum drive down a one-way street — the wrong way. Even if the pair had spoken Spanish, there was no one around on a Sunday afternoon in the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz to guide them to Asada Sagartoki. More